High Performance Communication


This 4 day Intensive Course is designed for Business Owners, Leaders, Managers, Coaches, and those who want to up their communication and leadership skills to the next level!




  • When: 3-6 June 2021
  • Where: Adelaide – Live in person and online

Time: 10:00 am – 6.30pm

Learn how to effectively focus on keeping staff, teams and clients accountable to important outcomes and give them the tools to lead themselves to perform at a higher standard. You will also understand where communication breaks down in daily communications, negotiations, confrontations etc.

  • Learn effective communication of great leaders, coaches and influencers
  • Break down mental and emotional patterns fast and effective with communication skills. 
  • Learn how to read between the lines of what others are really communicating to you
  • Learn the basics of how to coach people through challenging situations so they can solve their own problems
  • Learn how to decipher body language cues that may tell you hidden communication
  • Learn how to build relationships effectively with anyone
  • Help others solve their own problems by using stories 
  • Create autonomy within a team or work environment
  • Plus heaps more








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