26-29 April 2018

4 days to transform your life and design your future. For those who are serious about getting results.


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26-29 April 2018

Immerse yourself in 4 days of transformation that focus on breaking down major mental and emotional barriers in your life, creating empowering beliefs, setting your life plan and goals, discover your purpose and align your mind and heart to create your ultimate life.

21-24 May 2018 – Gold Coast

Become a Coach! Learn the foundations of coaching and communication and get started on your coaching journey. Neuro-Limbic Conditioning is a proven and potent method for achieving amazing results with clients that gives you the best, most powerful and latest tools to help create amazing results as a coach. Now is your chance to work and learn from real coaches who have achieved amazing results with clients and built six and seven figure coaching businesses.

12 – 16 June 2018

The Accelerator is a 5 day Immersion Program that will take the powerful learnings you created at Thrive Time and build on them in greater depth so that you can fast track your successIt will allow you to adapt with speed and ease to accelerate your results while you reach a higher level of emotional control, happiness and success in your personal and professional life.


Meet The Mojo Master

Michael is a renowned transformational expert who acquired the name, The Mojo Master, after transforming his own life from a troubled school dropout with learning difficulties, depression, chronic fatigue and a host of mental and emotional issues, to become a passionate, inspirational educator and results expert hired by some of the country and world’s top business leaders, teams and champion athletes. Check out his amazing story….

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Michael with Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group

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Michael with Arnold Schwarzenegger, 7x Mr Olympia, actor, philanthropist and former Governor of California

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  • One BIG THING that stops so many from reaching their true potential

    Today I’m talking about the thing that really gets in the way of a lot of people being themselves.   I think one of the biggest issues we have in our society at the moment is we’re in a society of comparisons where someone else has more money so you don’t feel good enough. Someone…

  • 12 things that HIGH ACHIEVERS do to achieve their full potential

    There are a FEW BIG THINGS that people who have a S$&T LIFE don’t that HIGH ACHIEVERS do…..   Here is what HIGH ACHIEVERS DO that people who continue to struggle mentally, emotionally and financially rarely do: 1.) Follow through on their decision and commitments, no matter how big or small 2.) Make decisions based on…

  • Results or excuses.. which do you choose?

    Results or Excuses.. which do you choose? I couldn’t believe it I received an email with one of the funniest excuses I have ever heard. Here’s the story…. In 2015 we were running a free event. Only a few days before hand I was telling a friend about it and he mentioned he was keen…

  • How to stay strong in the moments that define us

    How to stay strong in the moments that define us No one ever wants to hit rock bottom but there is a hidden gift in all that pain.   The best thing about hitting rock bottom is that those who get back up have incredible strength and courage. They stop giving a f&$k about what everyone thinks and…

  • How to obliterate the excuses that limit YOUR results

    How to obliterate the excuses that limit YOUR results EXCUSES are stories we tell ourselves to stay comfortable with our INDECISIONS and lack of clarity or FEAR of change (the Unknown).   EXCUSES are always relative to the individual goals, missions and life purpose and will tell you a lot about their mindset and how…

  • Wealth Creation PUBLIC ENEMY Number 1

    Wealth Creation PUBLIC ENEMY Number 1 So if I had to give just one piece of advice to anyone feeling trapped or stressed by money, it would be… “Don’t go broke trying to look RICH.”   That’s how the rich get richer and the broke get even deeper into debt.   Billions of dollars exchange…

  • Why living your purpose is essential to wealth creation

    Why living your purpose is essential to wealth creation Do you love what you do? Or do you spend the money you make, trying to feel free? I have met and personally coached many financially wealthy people but I AM YET TO MEET anyone who is FINANCIALLY FREE. Here are a few differences I have…

  • Break free from the craziness to find purpose and clarity!

    Break free from the craziness to find purpose and clarity! MOST PEOPLE value their house, car, bank accounts and what other people think of them more than they value themselves. MOST PEOPLE think that their most valuable assets are their house, their business or investments… Try having shit emotions and a poor, irrational, erratic mindset…

  • How to push beyond the comfort zone, and put your dreams first

    Push beyond the comfort zone, put your dreams first! The reason why most people don’t have what they want is that they value comfort and others peoples opinions over their dreams. To follow your dreams and create the life you desire you must get uncomfortable. Even changes for the better can be uncomfortable at first.…

  • How to understand, deal with and grow from emotional pain

    How to understand, deal with and grow from emotional pain All emotions are cyclical. You cannot experience love without also experiencing fear, You cannot experience peace without at the same time creating a war, You cannot experience joy if you have never experienced pain And you cannot experience a high without plunging back into a…

  • Stuck on repeat

    Your old EXCUSES and old stories are why you FAIL!

    Your old EXCUSES and old stories are why you FAIL! Your old EXCUSES and old stories are why you FAIL! We all have them. It’s just that most people are unaware that their old excuses and old stories control their current decisions, which is why their future will end up nothing greater than their past.…

  • Haters

    Haters gonna hate. What about you?

    Haters gonna hate. What about you? Weak-minded people hate those who have what they want. The weak minded will complain, bitch, moan and find problems with whatever achievers do. They will judge, blame and even find other weak minded individuals and form a group to give them the impression they are strong and right. If…