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Can you relate to this?

Are you sick of being stuck in your head, knowing that you are capable of so much more yet feel stuck or trapped by your current life circumstances?

So many people in our society know they are capable of so much more in their personal and professional lives yet lack the clarity of their core drives to perform at their peak each day.

I want to make it easy for you to get clear on what really creates your drive so that you can enhance your personal and professional performance and feel more fulfilled in your daily efforts.

I know there are a lot of rah-rah, hyperactive type motivational courses out there that over promise and lack substance which is why I want you to experience this information as it’s will give you more clarity, drive and energy in a small amount of time (without the usual B.S)…..

When and Where:

So How Much Does it Cost to Attend This Eye-Opening Event?

I want to make it available and affordable for those who want more out of their life and truely want to perform at consistent higher level. This is why my team has made it incredible value for the amount of information and clarity you will get. in fact its a no brainer especially when similar events are charging in excess of $1000. We are making it available for only $27 but do have limited seating, so be quick.

Here’s what some of our past attendees have said about previous events…

  • “I now have more CLARITY and I’m ready to continue to learn grow and help those that want help.”
    Barb Popp
  • “I feel so much more confident in my business and I know I can inspire our team into greatness. I no longer feel stuck or challenged in where we want our business to grow and I feel I have a much better understanding of where our business is heading.”
    Mel Davies
  • “The knowledge I have gained will improve my abilities as a business owner, wife, mother, daughter, friend, boss, work colleague, lover, fighter & human.”
    Sonya Quigley
  • “I feel completely refreshed with better clarity on what I want to achieve in my life. Thank you and can’t wait to work together again soon.”
    Kate Vane

As you can see, $27 is the bargain of a lifetime for anyone who actually attends and applies these techniques. Reserve your seat now.

Register $27 tickets here

If You’re Not 100% Satisfied, I’ll
Give You Double Your Money Back

Why am I making such a ridiculous offer?

It’s simple…

So many people I meet know they aren’t living up to their own expectations yet avoid spending the time to get really clear on what drive them. Most have been conditioned to compare themselves to others and never really feel as though they are achieving what they know they are capable of.

Second, I love working with those who want more out of their personal and professional lives and aren’t afraid to challenge themselves to achieve greater levels of success and freedom.

After having worked as the high performance mindset coach of some of this countries top performers, I know that in order to achieve great levels you need to build great relationships and this is a great way to see if you will be a good fit for my higher level courses.

If we are a good fit that is awesome as I know you demand more from yourself and your life, if not that is ok too but at least we know.

More importantly, it allows me to fulfil my mission of…

Helping people kick arse in their personal and professional lives

Years ago I was working doing my apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic and I got a phone call to come to the hospital as my best mate was in a car accident. I was informed his 3 year old niece was killed in that accident and it made me realise i wasn’t living the life I wanted, nor was I achieving at the level I knew I was capable of.

This sent me on a journey of self discovery and transformation that has allowed me to become a peak performer and also work with with those who achieve at great levels.

I want to share these tools with more people as I don’t want people to live a life of regrets and what if……..

I want to surround myself and help those who say….”I did”

Make no mistake about it…

I know that many feel like they don’t have the time, energy or clarity to push themselves to greater limits

I know it can be challenging when you’re stuck in your head trying to figure everything out yourself


Let me help you. An evening at Re-Ignition is only $27 and I guarantee you’ll discover at least one thing you can implement straight away to enhance your performance and gain greater clarity as well as enhance your energy levels so you can achieve more in your personal and professional lives.

So do not wait or let your current situation and circumstances define your life, step up and commit to greater results, greater success, greater fulfilment and secure your seat now!