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Overcoming Depression and breaking out of the rut.

Simple, easy and effective ways to overcome depression, feeling blue and the common links that most people don’t know about it. What will help you get on the right track fast. 

The other day I was having this conversation and somebody asked me, “Michael, how have you got the results that you have with people who have mental and emotional problems, especially depression?”


For me it made me go back and start to think about some of the processes that I used with clients when I was dealing with them when they had depression. Now my understanding is that no one really knows a definitive answer as to what causes depression.

What we do know is this, there are certain things that will aggravate it or activate it more and there are also things that can reduce it or cancel it out so that people can go on and live a happy and fulfilling life providing they stick to these principles. It depends on what end of the scale we want to go to. I truly believe that every one of us has the potential to be depressed because it is an emotion, it is an emotional experience that we all have. It is a frame of reference that we all have as well, when things don’t go right in life or when things happen we might feel depressed or feel down.

Here is what I know, science is really starting to show now that there is a direct connection with the way we think and the way depression happens and our stomach. This has been really really interesting because this has been known and talked about for centuries and even thousands of years through alternative medicine, which used to be called medicine.

There was a common belief that the gut affected the brain and if the gut wasn’t functioning properly then the brain wouldn’t function properly either and people would start to feel negative emotions. There is more research coming out now that is starting to show that this is true, that this is happening and I have seen it time and time again. I actually see it in myself coming from a place where I had depression when I was younger in my teenage years to now where I am hyper active and excited and feeling great most of the time. We all have days when we feel down and we feel flat, I’m not here to tell anyone that that doesn’t happen.

Even the people who look like they have mastered life have not mastered life as there are times when they feel down and flat, tired and rundown. Sometimes we get sick, sometimes we get frustrated, sometimes we get angry or annoyed or whatever it is so we all experience that. How do we break out of that and don’t plummet and hit rock bottom? That is what I believe the difference between someone who has emotional control and someone who might not know these keys is if someone who does know these keys can pull themselves out.


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I know when I wake up and I feel flat and tired, normally I don’t get depressed anymore but I might feel frustrated or angry or whatever I want to call that emotion. When that happens there are certain principles that I follow to pull myself out of it in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour, 2 hours, 3 hours and really it doesn’t take any longer than that because I know how to do it.

The number one thing is that gut brain function. These days probiotics and the research that is coming out, the University of Sydney or a University in New South Wales is doing research on this and I read some articles recently about this stuff and it is becoming more and more prevalent out there. There will be people out there who will debate me on this but just try it first. I am a practical person and I don’t believe most things until I have tried it or I have actually done it with clients or people that I know so that I can see the results for myself. A belief or an opinion about what someone else has created isn’t an experience it is a very poor excuse for an experience because you don’t really know something until you have done it once you have experienced it, then you know.

Probiotics are really important when dealing with negative emotions and feelings. There is a common link between the good bacteria in your stomach and the way you eat and your healthy patterns that create the chemical seratonin, which is a feel good hormone in the body. When I have had clients before and they say, “Michael I have a chemical imbalance.”

My number one question is, “Is your gut functioning properly?” then when I get tests done and I work with a lot of other great health professionals in all different areas, because again, I am a results orientated person and I want to see the results. I don’t care about the research or what someone has told me has happened in a laboratory, I just care about what are the results and do they work with most people because no research really understands everybody because things change so fast and circumstances change and so on. We can have a good understanding of something but we must trial it, we must try it on others. Going back to it the gut brain function, it is really, really important to look at that probiotic function in your gut so having things like fermented foods is really, really important and I cannot enough mention that enough. I know for me when I was going out partying at night, and yes I do drink, I do enjoy a couple of glasses of wine every now and again. But when my eating goes bad if i’m on tour or something like that and I don’t eat all the healthy foods that I normally do then I notice all of a sudden that my gut doesn’t function as good as it normally does and I get all these feelings like feeling flat, down, my energy is low etc. Once I start using probiotics again or eating fermented foods then I start to create this good feeling again in my body.

The way that works is once you start putting those probiotics or fermented foods  and drinks in your body it will start to make your gut function properly but then you need to look after it. To do that you need to eat good quality healthy food, and by good quality healthy foods I mean foods that go off, foods that are live foods, that are real food. We are talking about fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, eat whatever is alive. If it has a life force, if it has energy then please eat it. If it is something that you put in the cupboard and it sits there for 20 years and bacteria won’t grow on it. If bacteria will not grow on it outside of the stomach it will probably not grow on it inside the stomach which means it will cause dysfunction or dysbiosis in the gut which will then cause a dysfunction or dysbiosis in the serotonin production and you will get less of those feel good hormones.

Other things that do that are alcohol, it can cause the gut bacteria to die off and it can cause a disfunction in the stomach lining so if you are depressed or experience depressive states alcohol can cause more problems. Also things like drugs, a lot of pharmaceutical drugs will upset the gut or will upset the probiotic function in the stomach. I’m not saying stop taking your drugs but find a good healthy way to start coming of those things if you can. I am not a doctor so you need to consult your doctor about this and let me be clear on that but it is important to look after you first. Go back to the basics and drink lots of water, eat lots of good quality food, make sure you’re getting lots of oxygen throughout the day. Reduce sitting down and being hunched over throughout the day and make sure you are moving regularly as it gets the lymphatic system and lymph moving which will get rid of toxins.

Medical drugs can do it and also recreational drugs can do it. Anyone who has taken recreational drugs will know it can give you a high but will also cause a low and at the same time cause problems in the gut function. Drugs, alcohol and other things such as caffeine on an empty stomach especially will cause massive stomach disturbances so be very, very careful if you have depression or anxiety issues that you are not having caffeine on an empty stomach. I highly recommend that if that is the case if you have some emotional issues to get rid of caffeine altogether because it will jack up your emotions then they will plummet back down. I know this personally that if I have caffeine on an empty stomach it gives me massive anxiety and I know a lot of people that this happens with as well so I don’t have caffeine on an empty stomach. I do love my coffee in the morning but I will always have it after or with food and I will always make sure that the food has fat in it because that allows caffeine to digest a lot slower and slow down the amount of caffeine that you gets into your blood.

The last thing that affects the gut is also stress levels. This will cause a disfunction in the gut so be careful of your stress levels as well. Once you have started creating this good healthy body and you are looking after your health your physical health and your gut funtion then you’re stomach should start producing more serotonin. It will also start producting more vitamin B in most cases. Vitamin B is also produced in the stomach which is the energy vitamin so it will make you start to feel more energetic which produces more good quality emotions.

Then from there we can start working on the mindset and what is going on inside of your perception of the world. Some people walk around and say the world is a bad place what that means is that their brain has actually been hard wired to look for the negative things that are happening in the world. I can prove this time and time and time again at any of my live events.

Once your brain has been hard wired with a belief system that says that the world is like this, people are like this, I am like this, things always happen to me, generalisations will cause your brain to search for those things. There are millions upon millions of things that are happening around us at any one second in time, one of my friends is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and we were walking around one day and he looked at something and said,

“That’s amazing, that’s a great business right there. If all they did was do this and this they would make millions of dollars.”

I looked at it and I didn’t see it. I could not imagine that the business could make money in that way. What had happened was that his brain had been hard wired to see the opportunity in businesses that is why he’s worth lots of money. This is the same for someone that goes around and says there is no money in the world, people with money are evil, and so on, they naturally see that in the world so when they open a newspaper they don’t see the people who give millions of dollars to charity, they don’t see the people who are out there looking after children’s hospitals and so on. They just open the paper and see the person that closed down their business and laid off thousands of workers. They see someone that sued someone for money, so they just see all this negativity in the world.

Perception is everything and until we can change our perception of how we see the world and how we see others and what’s happening around us, unconsciously we will continue to create the things that are happening around us and we will always keep having those emotions.

If you want to change the way you feel not only with depression but other emotions as well, make sure you are looking after your gut function and your health and vitality. Finally make sure you know how to retrain your brain to learn how to create the brain that you want. You must be before you become, if you want to become happy you have to believe that you can be happy first and taking action steps daily to be happy and eventually it becomes a habit. When it becomes a habit that becomes the way you live.

I hope that helps you and self-development is really the key for that. Self development is something that is ongoing, we will just keep doing it time and time again, day in and day out, developing your mind and your identity to become the person you want to become and achieve the goals that you want to in life.

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