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Michael’s story is an example of how anybody can overcome obstacles in their life and achieve what they want. Plagued with learning difficulties, depression, chronic fatigue, torment and ridicule which led to contemplating suicide, Michael’s journey shows what change and personal development do.

Fast forward to today and Michael is a global leader in evidence based business, personal development training, specialising in human performance. As the private coach to some of Australia’s top industry leaders, experts, sporting heads and rich listers, Michael has an esteemed client list worth over a billion dollars. Michael masterfully delivers training events, workshops and seminars to audiences from general public through to large corporate teams. He teaches implementable, scientific based tools and strategies to help people smash limitations and perform better in their personal and professional lives.

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The Launching Pad to Build Foundations for a Far Greater Life, no matter what level you’re currently playing at.

THRIVE TIME gives you the world’s most powerful tools and understanding how to consistently smash your own personal and professional limitation so that you can dominate in life. Thrive time is built around 6 key steps that are essential to consistently perform with unbreakable drive, focus and self-accountability.


At Thrive Time You Will:

– Learn one of the worlds most advanced emotional balancing tools, the process of potential only available at this event

– Become purposefully productive and limit external distractions so you can stay super focused

– Learn our 6- step process to create self-accountability, consistency and perform at your peak

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