About Us

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Why learn from us?

Let’s be honest most of the coaching courses out there on the market teach all the same sort of stuff – coaching principles, communication tools, business aspects and more.

So who do you choose to learn from?

Wouldn’t you want to learn from the innovators, those who are constantly learning and teaching the most up-to-date tools to help people?

Wouldn’t you want to learn from those who have created successful coaching businesses? Those who have had experience with thousands of clients, who know what works for coaching and business and what doesn’t.

This is what we do – we combine the latest knowledge with real life results to give you the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to become a successful coach.


How our coaching program differs?

The great thing about our course creators is that they have done an extensive amount of personal development study as well as study in the fields of coaching, mindset, neuro linguistic programming, human behaviour and more. They have also completed other similar programs on the market.

The result of this means that they have had the advantage of researching what works, what doesn’t and evolving it for 21st century problems and people.

Unfortunately a lot of what is already being taught hasn’t evolved in the past 30 years. Some of the information is great, but there have been so many coaching and scientific changes that have proven to have great impact with assisting clients that haven’t been adapted into modern day courses.

We combine the latest techniques, tools and science into our courses, tell you how it works, why it works and get you to put it into practice.


What’s included?

When you join Neuro Limbic Conditioning, your training includes 4 stages at each level:


The foundations start with online training that will set you up for success at the live events. At each level of Quantum Trainer you will delve deeper into the science of mental and emotional change. You will learn how the brain and emotional systems work so that you will have a clearer understanding of the science before you start using the tools.

You will also learn the latest tools and techniques to start to build your coaching client base or business before you even attend the course, making gaining and retaining clients easier after the events.


At the live events you will learn some of the most powerful tools and techniques that will help you achieve results with clients fast. You will be able to identify the exact tools needed for specific problems you may encounter when coaching your clients. You will also practice using these tools at the events so you can gain confidence.


Throughout the events you will continue to hone your skills in a safe and comfortable environment with case studies and scenarios that will help you build your confidence as a coach. You will also be able to practice with other participants as well as use some of the tools to help accelerate your own mental and emotional growth. We also help you to remove some of the most common fears about working with new clients so that you will succeed.


With Neuro Limbic Conditioning we realise that one of the biggest problems facing people entering the coaching industry (even those who have been working in the industry a long time) is struggling to set up their business the correct way and marketing their business to achieve the success you desire. We have taken care of that and have created an online training hub with some of the best resources, tools and templates to help you grow your coaching clientele and business to where you desire.

Our goal at The Academy of Mind and Motivation is to make sure you succeed where other coaches fail and struggle.


Learn from Successful Coaches

Our trainers are all successful coaches who have coached thousands of clients either one on one, in group sessions or through seminar based learning. They have a variety of experience with many different types of clients and teaching across a number of different modalities.

On top of this they have built successful businesses from scratch that have grown to six and seven figure companies.

Our trainers are also committed to continuing and learning which is important to not only ensure the content and courses have the most up to date information but also show that they practice what they preach.


Be a part of a Supportive Community

One of the greatest things we do at the Academy of Mind and Motivation is build great communities. We have active members who constantly support one another online and through personal meetups. We have functioning groups where people can interact, ask questions and get support on anything on their coaching journey.

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