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The Academy of Mind and Motivation is a private education, research and development institute dedicated to understanding, expanding and evolving human awareness and human potential.

The Academy of Mind and Motivation was founded by Michael Johnson, the founder of one of the fastest growing self-development companies in the country, The Mojo Master.

As a natural lifelong learner, Michael has spent years studying and speaking with some of the world’s peak performers in the fields of human behaviour, mindset, personal development and leadership.

As a peak performance coach he is often called on by world champion athletes, business teams and executives looking to improve their human potential and performance. He privately coaches some of the country’s top entrepreneurs worth over $1 billion dollars in net worth.

Along with personally coaching clients, Michael has also assisted thousands of people increase their happiness, fulfilment and human performance through his seminars and workshops.


Our mission at the Academy of Mind and Motivation is to become the global hub for enhancing human potential

Through Neuro Limbic Conditioning our mission is to evolve the coaching and human behaviour industry by creating the most caring, scientifically minded and skilled coaches all over the globe.


Our vision is to build global networks of like minded people who are committed to expanding human consciousness and human potential.

Through Neuro Limbic Conditioning our vision is to create an amazing, supportive tribe of coaches in all different fields who are the go to people for behavioural change and expanding human potential.

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