High performance communication and leadership had been built to give business owners, managers, leaders and coaches advanced communication and leadership skills to help them excel.


At the High-performance Communication & Leadership program:

You will be taught the latest info, research and data from human behaviour and brain science fields to help you empower, inspire and keep clients, staff and teams focused, productive and achieving greater outcomes.

How to effectively focus on keeping staff, teams and clients accountable to important outcomes and give them the tools to lead themselves to perform at a higher standard.

You will also understand where communication breaks down in daily communications, negotiations, confrontations etc.

Unlike most other leadership and communication courses that are old and outdated, we provide some of the most up to date research and tools so that you know you are learning with the best tools and most up to date resources and content, resulting in optimum outcomes and performance.

The tools, knowledge and techniques that you learn at High Performance communication and leadership will reduce massive amounts of stress, frustration, lost productivity, confusion and essentially time and money wastage.

If you want to enhance the performance of those around you, enhance your leadership skills and excel in understanding human behavior and communication, then our High-Performance communication and leadership course is for you.


180 Page Action Manual with tools, research, techniques, templates and more; that you can use immediately to enhance your communication and leadership skills.

Live interactive 4 day event online or live where you will dive into powerful leadership and communication tools to help you rapidly accelerate your communication and leadership skills.

Topics include:

  • Communication
  • Building Rapport
  • Reading people
  • Leadership psychology
  • Storytelling
  • Framing
  • The Neuroscience of Habit creation
  • Understand the core mental and emotional human drivers
  • Optimizing focus
  • Goal setting
  • Learn how to break disempowering and ineffective habits within a team
  • Scientific laws that effect human behavior and human performance
  • Understand others better than they know themselves
  • Persuasions and influence that leads to inspiring outcomes
  • Problem solving skills
  • Coaching others through problems and leading them to problem solve.

Upcoming Event Details

HPCL Foundation

DATES: 3 to 6 September 2020


TIME: 10AM – 6.30PM  (DAILY)


SAVE $685 *MOST POPULAR* Payment option 1

$ 2497 pay upfront SAVE $685

Payment option 2

$ 74 Payment plan - Prices start from $74 per week

What you can expect to walk away with?

By the time you have finished the 4 intensive days at this event you will have learnt

Increased productivity

Turning your team into a well-oiled machine

Understand the reasons WHY people do things and the less known drivers of human behavior

How to lead others to optimize and be responsible for their own performance

Identify what makes others tick and what to do with that information

Clearly communicate with others in a way that resonates with them to achieve the greater outcome

Increased productivity, Increased focus, Staff autonomy and Increasing effectiveness and performance

Here’s what some past participants had to say...

Presented by Michael Johnson


Michael is better known by his alias “The Mojo Master ” and was given the name after overcoming learning difficulties, depression, chronic fatigue and being told he would get nowhere in life to becoming an energetic and inspired, motivation powerhouse.


Michael Johnson is a leading authority on human behaviour, human empowerment and increasing human performance; frequently hired by business leaders, teams, entrepreneurs and professional athletes who want to achieve more.

Michael Johnson - The Mojo Master


Michael has been featured and interviewed on radio, magazines and newspapers across the country and internationally. His podcast “The Mojo Master ” hit number 1 on Itunes in the area of self-help. He has shared the stage with many of the world’s greatest inspirational educators and business leaders including Dr John Demartini, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Dave Logan, Dan Millman, Bradley Smith (founder of Braaap motorcycles) and Nik Halik (The Thrillionaire).

Are you wanting to become a coach or grow your current communication and leadership abilities to a greater level?

Do you want to help more people or expand your own potential?
For the last decade I scoured the world looking for the best educators and leaders in their chosen fields to help me enhance my potential and create the life I know I was capable of living.

Although this was mainly an amazing experience, I was disappointed to attend multiple communication and leadership certification courses that were almost carbon copies of each other, and being promoted as being “The Leaders in their field”. I was also heavily disappointed to learn after a few years of communication that the info was outdated by around 40 years yet still being taught and promoted as “The Most advanced leadership courses”.
After working in the communication and leadership industry for over a decade and seeing the repetition of outdate concepts and the industry as a whole struggling to keep up with the latest research in different fields including neuroscience, psychology, quantum theory, cosmology, behavioral therapy, biology just to name A few, I decided to create my own coaching course.

NeuroLimbic Conditioning is not just another outdated communication and leadership or NLP course being sold as the latest or the best.

It has combined many of the most advanced sciences and tries to bridge the gap between the hard sciences, human behavior and is backed with results from working with some of the countries top performers in the business, sports and scientific community as well as working for thousands who have attended my personal events or have been privately coached by me.

I also wanted to create a communication and leadership program that gave coaches and leaders the ability to expand and market their brands and businesses, having built a multi million dollar  ommunication and leadership business and being the coach called upon by some of the countries top business and sporting leaders, entrepreneurs and high performing teams.

This is not just another communication and leadership or NLP course but something I have dedicated my life to creating and now its time to pass the baton onto others who want to become great coaches and leaders.

Michael Johnson
Founder of:
The Academy of Mind and Motivation®
The Mojo Master®
And NeuroLimbic Conditioning™

The Mojo Master