High Performance Coach in Australia The Mojo Master

the mojo master
Michael Johnson


Michael Johnson is the Global Leader in “EVIDENCE-BASED” BUSINESS TRAINING and HUMAN PERFORMANCE, specialising in BUSINESS GROWTH.

As private COACH to some AUSTRALIA’S TOP INDUSTRY LEADERS, SPORTING HEADS, and RICH LISTERS, Michael has an esteemed client list worth over a BILLION DOLLAR

Michael’s business, “THE MOJO MASTER“. Masterfully delivered as training events, workshops and seminars to audiences from general public through to large corporate teams.. Teaches IMPLEMENTABLE, SCIENTIFIC-BASED TOOLS and STRATEGIES to help people SMASH LIMITATIONS and EXCEL in their PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL LIVES.

The Mojo Master is a fun dynamic, edutainment company who is combines entertainment with educations and make learning and growing your life exciting, fun and memorable.

Headed by mind and motivation expert  and COACH to CHAMPION athletes and ELITE ENTREPRENEURS, Michael “THE MOJO MASTER” Johnson, the business is all about providing tools, information, events and products to help live their ultimate life and achieve what they want.

The Mojo Master