Why people that know their self-worth are resilient..

Self-worth is created by establishing your personal values, life purpose and mission. It enables you to face obstacles and challenges in life and still stay focused on your short-term and long-term goals and lead a life of purpose.

People who fail to know their self-worth lose their identity as a person. They live a life of opinions and develop an identity molded by what other people tell them they should be, not who they really are. This makes a person less adaptable with the challenges that come into one’s life. For these people success seems out of reach.

Those who know their self-worth are successful and resilient to any challenges that come into their life for 5 good reasons;

  1. People who know their self-worth have short-term and long-term goals which they use as their guide in life. Knowing your goals allows you to plan fast and carefully address the challenges that arise.
  2. Knowing one’s self-worth enables a person to manage uncertainties and it prevents them from getting confused by opportunities. They tend to take opportunities that can help them achieve their life goals, and solve challenges effectively along the way saving them from imminent problems that can affect their focus.
  3. People who know their self-worth handle opinions constructively. They are focused on strengthening their personal identity and approaching society as “Who they are” not “What others expect them to be”, which makes them effective leaders and members of the society.
  4. Knowing your self-worth spares you from depression, because you take failure positively and consider it only a minor set back on reaching your goals.
  5. People who know their self-worth maintain a mindset of success which spares them from burn out. They don’t rush success, they tend to effectively balance life and work and believing that their goal is reachable one way or another.


Knowing your self-worth is the key to being resilient through the challenges life throws at you over time and effectively thriving towards a successful life.

The Mojo Master