Why improving your health can feel almost impossible

In the age of rapid weight loss, fast food and overnight success most people buy into the ideal that fast results equal instant happiness.


How many times have you heard, “If I just win the lottery, then I’ll be happy”. “If I just lose a few kilos, then I’ll be happy”. “If I just meet the right partner, then I’ll be happy”.


Happiness does not come from the result, but from the obstacles you have to overcome on the way to achieving the result.


Most people forget that in most circumstances, easy up usually equals easy down. Rapid weight loss usually equals rapid weight gains and the perfect health….. well….. just doesn’t exist.


For many the search for rapid results leads most down the path of a lot of failures hence why they begin to believe that nothing seems to work. However, the simplest, easiest and most effective tips and tools for improving your health go unappreciated like daily exercise, healthy foods, fresh air and lots of water.


Weight loss and improved health is 80-90% mental and emotional game and a 10-20% physical game. Most people will admit that they know what to do to improve their health, yet they do not do it.


This just proves that it is not due to a lack of health understanding but a lack of mental and emotional training and understanding.


Change your mind and change your life.


The Mojo Master