What Separates An Average Coach From A High Performance Coach?

Ever thought about what separates a great coach and mentor from the rest?

And why great coaches get results while other get frustrated?


“The biggest MISTAKE most people make about a coach is:

They mistake a COACH for a BABY SITTER

A BABY SITTER tells kids in a nice way that they need to do what they are told to do in a soft and caring voice as to not upset the child.

A great baby sitter will smile when the child is throwing a tantrum.


A COACH on the other hand is hired to get the best out of a person.


They are not there to smile and tell a person what they want to hear. They are hired to get a result because they care about outcomes and getting the most out of a person.

A great coach does not play stupid games with irresponsible people who think they want to get the best from themselves yet fail to show it in their actions.

This is why great coaches drop average players from their team all the time.


When ADULTS hire a coach, it is not the coaches responsibility to do the work, run the laps or sweat. That’s what the player does.

Coaches see how the player can best suit the game and find their unique talents and gifts, then put them in a position to win.

If the player fails to turn up, then a good coach will drop the lazy, irresponsible player in turn for the player with a good attitude who is prepared to put in the work to succeed.


Next time you are thinking about hiring a coach, just remember the best coaches drop lazy, irresponsible players all the time as they value their years of hard work, learning the art of what they coach and pride themselves on success.

If you want to be a great player in the game of life or business;

action, implementation and great communication is the key.


“Make shit happen”. Great coaches love great clients or great players on their team.

The Mojo Master