What is the Curse of Kindness?

The Curse of Kindness


Have you ever been one of those people who want to help everyone?

Do you ever feel like you get used or taken advantage of?

The curse of kindness is a reminder that everything in nature is trying to maintain balance, equilibrium or equanimity. Unbalanced kindness causes many to avoid personal responsibility in the belief that if we just helped everyone then the world would be a better place.



This way of thinking dismisses many small but important factors that are important in life.

1.)  Self worth is created by taking on and overcoming challenges

2.)  Self care is essential for self love

3.)  Living your own individual life purpose and life mission is a must for a fulfilling life

4.)  Others around you do what you do….. not what you tell them to do.

Therefore if you are not inspired because you are trying to please and help others at the expense of your own life you will not inspire others.



Believing that your job on this earth is to be a martyr and give up what is important to you to please and help others is self sacrifice. It causes others to do the same and is the fast track for mediocrity and self hate which is usually reflected out onto the world by condemning others who are achieving.



In ancient Chinese philosophy, anger and kindness are 2 of the same emotions on different ends of the spectrum.

Those who express kindness to everyone else externally usually create anger within.



By knowing your life purpose, life mission, personal values and goals you can be kind to yourself by having the courage to pursue what inspires you.

By doing so you inspire others. To do this you also need to keep others accountable, challenge yourself and others and sometimes stand up for yourself by creating rules and boundaries. This will allow a balance of kindness and anger which becomes displayed as inspiration.

Not a martyr with the expectations that others should become martyrs to. This just creates a delusion that kind people (martyrs) are better people than those with ambition and self respect (to live their values, purpose and mission)

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