The Truth About Judgement

Have you ever noticed that regardless of what you do… you are always either being judged by yourself or judged by others?

The truth is; judgement is unavoidable.


When I was younger I was put into “special classes” and judged for being dumb!

Now I study and learn from the best in world and I get judged for being a smart arse
(or I’m judged because some people don’t agree with knowledge I have)


When I was younger I was judged for being poor as my parents couldn’t afford to put me in the best clothes and shoes…..

Now I have money and I get judged for being a “rich prick” or I’m told that I have it easy, or that I’m just lucky………


When I was younger I was judged for being chubby and unhealthy….

Now I am judged for taking care of my body and the way I look.


When I was younger I judged myself for putting everyone else first and myself last.

The voices and criticism inside of my head almost cost me my life…..


Then I put myself first and was judged by others for being selfish.


I have come to realise that judgement is just part of the learning process.
It helps us to navigate our way through life and find out what is true for ourselves.


I have come to realise that trying to avoid judgement is avoiding your own self growth and leaves you judging and hating yourself.

The best thing to do is to consistently check in with yourself to find if other people’s judgements have validity and work on being a better person from it.

Judgements that aren’t valid are easy to ignore when you have the clarity and self belief within your own life (hence why I teach people at our Thrive Time event how to get clear on their Values, Purpose and Life Mission and build greater clarity and self worth within their own life)


At some point most people around you will critically judge you.

Just don’t let the critical judgement come from within for too long or else it will rot your self worth and destroy your enthusiasm for life.

The Mojo Master