The Top 10 Things that keep People Stuck Financially


1. It takes money to make money.
Money can help as it is a way of leveraging what you have and what you know but most people with wealth started with an idea, an interest to learn or the courage and excitement to push themselves mentally and emotionally.


2. You have to have a good education to be wealthy.
As founder of Microsoft Bill Gates said, “A grade students usually work for C grade students.” Now I know this is not always true but it highlights a good point that many who created great wealth started with an idea, courage and a willingness to learn and adapt. Formal education only gets a person so far.


3. You have to be lucky
As Colman Cox once said “I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have”. Hard work isn’t just about physical work but also the work you do on yourself mentally and emotionally. Wealth creation is very much a long term game that involves the ability to grow, adapt and change as well as the ability to keep learning.

Another great quote is, “luck is only being prepared for when an opportunity exists.”


4. Most wealthy people inherit money
This is bullshit! If a person inherits money yet lacks financial intelligence, mental and emotional control or self-awareness then it is very common for those individuals to dwindle down great wealth to nothing. For those who inherit great wealth and grow that wealth takes greater financial intelligence, greater mental and emotional control and greater self-awareness due to the pressure of such responsibility and having to prove themselves to others.


5. If I just get a break then everything will be ok.
Money is just an amplifier of habits and emotions. If a person cannot handle small amounts of money then win a large sum, usually their poor financial habits are amplified hence why most end up worse off than before they won. If the person is willing to learn, grow, master themselves mentally and emotionally and also become financially intelligent then they have a greater chance of growing their wealth. Most do not follow this path.


6. It’s the government’s fault
Although the government doesn’t always make decisions that are in each individual’s best interest, when they do make decisions we all have a choice: To become disempowered, complain, blame and justify OR make the best of a bad situation. Nothing is ever “perfect” so making the most of what you have is important to achieving anything in life.


7. I don’t know enough
If this is the case there are two really simple things a person can do. 1.) Do nothing or 2.) Learn.

Most people choose option 1 as it is the simplest short term solution but will lead to long term pain. Option 2 is more challenging at first yet leads to ease as you become more knowledgeable on any topic.


8. Rich people are a^&e holes.
Money is just an amplifier of who a person is. There are rich people who seem like arse holes and poor people who are arse holes. There are poor people who are kind just like there are rich people who are kind. But by thinking that rich people are bad or they do bad things in order to get money is just an ignorant way to keep a person playing small as it gives them a reason to justify to themselves why morally they are better than someone else.


9. Being comfortable is the goal in life
Comfortable today will lead to discomfort tomorrow. The essential amongst all living things is growth. If a person stops growing then they will become very uncomfortable in the future as life creates challenges to force a person to grow. If a person embraces the idea of consistent growth they will challenge themselves which overtime will become comfortably uncomfortable. Not uncomfortably comfortable.


10. Money is bad and causes all the world’s problems.
Money is just an agreed upon form of value exchange. It’s an idea that is traded. When people attach meaning to money they can make it powerful, bad, good or anything they want. The truth is money is nothing apart from an agreed upon exchange and the way someone sees the world. Money’s place in that world will be based on the beliefs of the individual.



When it comes to beliefs around money the real question a person needs to ask themselves is: Are my beliefs allowing me to create the life that I desire or not?

If not what would I have to start to believe in order to create the life I desire or at least help in creating the life I desire?


As Neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza states, “Our individual reality is a direct reflection of the mind.” If this is true, then our beliefs have one of the biggest influences on our perception of what we call reality and hence the world we see and the opportunities to thrive within that world.


Change your mind, Change your life!

The Mojo Master