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The Successful vs The Unsuccessful

Anyone can do well when everything is going well but what do you do when things don’t go well?


When times are tough most people cut back, reduce their spending, reduce their work ethic, avoid stress, avoid challenge, freeze, complain, blame, justify why they aren’t achieving what they want and some even check out mentally and emotionally.


NONE OF THESE will help you achieve anything fulfilling. It is this type of thinking that causes companies to crash, individuals to fall apart, peoples self worth to be destroyed, relationships to be destroyed and a path to financial hardship and struggle.


Doesn’t sounds to good….. does it?


Yet this is the natural response that most people make when they are faced with challenge.

This is why so many people struggle to achieve the things that they want in life.


High achievers and those who create consistent and ongoing success, do so because they EXPAND WHEN CHALLENGED where as everyone else contracts.


Business that expand in harsh economic times take greater market share when everyone else in their field are reducing costs, cutting back and down sizing.

People that work harder, work smarter, learn more, grow, adapt and push themselves when times are tough are those who get ahead and build greater confidence, courage, self belief and self worth…….. where as those who stop, wait until they have everything figured out, wait until they have the courage and confidence to change or start etc get left behind.

No matter what area of life you look at, things either expand or they contract including your self belief, self worth, courage, business, finances, intimate relationship etc.


So if you are not expanding……You are contracting.

Only those who consistently expand are those who thrive in life.

The Mojo Master