The 5 Most Misunderstood Secrets to Attracting Unlimited Abundance

There are many misconceptions when it comes to creating success and an abundant life.
Below are some of the most common misconceptions that those who struggle to create lasting success happiness and fulfillment make about those who are creating the life they desire.


1. Luck

Luck is one of the most misunderstood phenomenon when it comes to creating any success and happiness in life. Dreamers (Those who dream of a greater life but take very little action to achieve their dreams or thoughts) who wish they had a better life often believe that Luck isn’t on their side but is on the side of those who are creating something great in the world.


The truth is that this is just a cop out and another excuse to cripple their dreams and goals. Those who achieve great success and happiness in life know that Luck is about being ready, prepared and planned for the right opportunity. It isn’t something that just happens. It is planned.


2. Fear

Fear is another commonly misunderstood phenomenon of those who wish life were different but struggle to achieve anything of substance in their life (Dreamers). Dreamers believe that they need to wait for the right time, the right place, the right year and all of the planets to be aligned to start following their goals, dreams and passions when in fact it is just their fears controlling them.


Dreamers commonly make excuses such as I don’t have the time, money or knowledge to start. Achievers on the other hand create a vision, a big why (why am I doing this)  and then take action to start the process.

Achievers know that the process of implementation is more important than  the perfect plan. Achievers know that a big vision always overcomes the biggest obstacles as it gives them the courage to keep going, even when fear presents itself.


3. Courage

Courage is the universal language of the Achiever.
In general those who achieve great success, happiness and fulfillment in their lives do not have a greater education than most, nor have they conquered their fears or started with an abundance of wealth. The common link between all achievers is that they have the courage to follow their dreams by taking daily action in spite of fear.

Achievers have the same fears as most. They stress, get frustrated and worry just like everyone else. The difference is that achievers act in spite of fear which takes courage. They put the tiny voices of the ‘nay sayers’ behind them. They commit to their personal and professional growth as they realise they do not have all the answers and therefore commit to their mental and emotional growth.

Dreamers let the voices of the ‘nay sayers’ cripple them along with their self doubts and fears.


4. Value

True achievers (those who become the masters of their destiny) know the power of value exchange. They enter relationships and friendships to give and not to take, get something or use others.


“True achievers know that those who take from others will have things taken from them and those who give will be given more.”

True achievers know that value and giving is energy. They nurture great friendships, value their self growth and self development as well as valuing those who help them on their path. Intention is everything to a true achiever.


Dreamers also give to others and help others but it is usually due to guilt or fear.
On the outside they help because they feel obliged to do so but emotionally their intention is to get something back (love, worth, money etc.).


Dreamers often complain they “deserve” something and wonder why they haven’t achieved what they wanted to. They often expect they should get what they ask for because they are a nice person when in fact their intentions and actions create the results they want, not what they think they are.


5. Language

If you listen to the language between dreamers and achievers there are key distinctions.
Dreamers daily actions consist of “have to’s”, “should’s” and “Got to do”.
Their daily actions and thoughts processes are the result of fear and guilt driving their decisions and choices. This frequently leaves the dreamer burned out, tired, frustrated and stressed at the end of their work day as guilt and fear waste huge amounts of mental and emotional energy.

Achievers daily actions often consist of doing what they love, enjoy or value in life. They use phrases such as I would love to, I enjoy or I choose to.
Their key phrases and language patterns are based on love, passion, enthusiasm, excitement and vision. This often gives the achiever high energy to work long hours or have the emotional and mental energy to push through fear and focus on their goals.



Achievers are not born achievers, they are just like everyone else. Over time they learn key distinctions that help them to grow, learn and build on their happiness and success. Everyone has the ability to be an achiever once they commit to becoming one, create a vision of what they want in life and then take daily actions to follow their vision.


The Mojo Master