Results or excuses.. which do you choose?

I couldn’t believe it

I received an email with one of the funniest excuses I have ever heard.

Here’s the story….

In 2015 we were running a free event.

Only a few days before hand I was telling a friend about it and he mentioned he was keen to come to the event yet the email I received a few days later said “I’m sorry, but I can’t afford it”.

I thought……….. well I can’t tell you exactly what I was thinking as there are too many expletives.

But I was amazed that my friend spent hours complaining about his problems and I gave him a very simple solution which was FREE! The event was free and even then he still made excuses!

It made me wonder………..

Why do we make excuses?

Especially when solutions are easy to find or right in front of our face.

Eventually I realised that excuses are a way to justify to ourselves why we don’t follow through on our commitments due to the fear of our own self-judgment.

We use excuses to stop us from criticizing ourselves and making it easier in the moment to deal with. The truth is most other people don’t care about our excuses just like we usually don’t care about the excuses from others.

It made me realise

“In life we have results or we have excuses.” Rarely do we have both.

Excuses can be one of the biggest roadblocks to achieving greater financial success. It may also be one of the biggest roadblocks to achieving fulfillment in life.

A fast way to break through excuses is to write down the common excuses you use to stop yourself from following through on commitments as this will make you more aware when you use them.

Then you can make more rational and powerful decisions that are empowering for your future and not allow excuses to ruin your future, self worth and happiness.

The Mojo Master