Replacing positive thinking with balanced thinking

Over the years I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about positive thinking and that we should always stay positive.

Although I agree it is important to create a greater future vision and pursue it, I am all for balanced thinking.


I have seen overly positive and optimistic thinking people do some crazy things due to not looking at risk, potential problems or the down side….. especially when it comes to money.

I have also seen overly pessimistic people never start anything or miss opportunities because they are too scared to move. They are usually those who say “I’ll change tomorrow” or “I’ll do it next week” every day.

Tomorrow leads to next week and next week leads to next months which becomes next year.


Someone who is balanced in their thinking can see risk and down side which creates fear and worry but counterbalance it with a greater future vision, clear goals and action.

This is called inspiration which is intrinsic, and not motivation which tends to be extrinsic and a state of excitement, mixed with elation.

This is usually why those who need consistent motivation go through states of elation and over enthusiasm followed by states of self-doubt, self judgement and self-punishment.  


Having negative thoughts or being pessimistic is fine……
Especially when balanced with optimism of a greater future, an inspired mission and daily reminders that you take on challenges with courage.


So give yourself a break from trying to be positive all the time which usually makes most miserable inside…

and allow yourself to cycle through stages and phases to keep yourself balanced and driving forward.

The Mojo Master