Push beyond the comfort zone

The reason why most people don’t have what they want is that they value comfort and others peoples opinions over their dreams.

To follow your dreams and create the life you desire you must get uncomfortable.

Even changes for the better can be uncomfortable at first.

It is scary to start a business.

It is hard to get out of bed in the morning and exercise.

It is not easy to give up eating shit food that is quick and easy, as you now have to prepare your meals.

It’s hard building a worthwhile relationship with a person with the opposite energy and thinking as yours, as you wont always agree.

It’s hard to stand tall, as youre an easy target for judgment and criticisms.

You can give up on your dreams and passions like most of the worlds population AND

  • Drug yourself with the drama of others through TV or shitty relationships.
  • Use recreational drugs to numb the pain and thoughts of what you could be.
  • Drink away the thoughts of your passions with alcohol.
  • Create so much pain and misery through your inner emotions and thoughts that you develop diseases that will be drugged with a lifetime of medical prescriptions and treatments.
  • Judge and criticise those out there in the world kicking arse and living their dreams as it protects you for a split second of not feeling like enough.
  • You can waste all of your hard earned money trying to feel worthy by buying crap you don’t need as it makes you feel significant for a split second before someone buys something better than you have. In which you need to spend next weeks pay to buy something better again.

OR YOU CAN find pleasure in pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone AND:

  • Figure out what your purpose is in life.
  • Follow your dreams and passions.
  • Set goals.
  • Love those around you who lift you up by challenging your thinking,
    instead of supporting your bad habits and attitudes.
  • Fight for a cause worth fighting for.
  • Stand tall when the small try to kick you down.
  • BREAK FREE from the past and create a life worth living that you are proud of!
The Mojo Master