Life gives us what we need to see our own greatness

At school I was consistently picked on for my red hair, pale skin, freckles and being over weight…

So I went to the gym, got strong, lean, muscular and learned how to fight.


At school I was put in special classes for my learning difficulties, told I was dyslexic and had learning difficulties…

So I spent almost every cent I earned learning from the best of the best in their chosen fields to make myself learn and grow so I could feel smart enough.


I was told I had to get good grades at school so I could get a good job.

I failed almost every subject and was expelled from school.


Feeling like a misfit and not good enough I started my own business, worked my arse off, became obsessed with proving my worth to world and built a million dollar business that continues to grow year after year.


At 21 I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and told it was something I had to learn to live with and that I was condemned to a life of low energy…….

So I studied health and learned from the best in the world about how to restore my health and energy.

(Now I work 100 hour weeks and speak for up to 55 hours over 4 days at my live Thrive Time Event.)


At 15 I wanted to end my life as I felt like I had no place and no hope in the world.

Having found myself in a dark hole of depression I thought my life would be defined by the darkness in my mind until I learned that I controlled my mind and my life and that over time I could become the master of my mind and hence; the master of my reality.


On most school holidays (up until grade 11) I used to sit at home by myself watching TV as I felt like I didn’t fit in and struggled with friendships.

All the other kids would hang out together while I rarely was asked to do anything apart from the occasional sympathy invite to a birthday party…

So I learned the value of great people and friendships.

(Now I have friends all over the world including some of the worlds top achievers and an amazing Mojo community.)



Life gives us what we need in order to see our own greatness.

For some they crumble under the thoughts of their own uniqueness and power while others embrace it.

Every human is born to be amazing yet most allow their past circumstances to dictate their future while others realise their past circumstances are just training for a greater future.


Never let your past define who you should be or who you can be.

Be the person you know you can be. Be an example to others.

Show others that with clarity of thought, hard work, dedication and inspiration you can be the person you were born to be.

Never let anyone define who you are apart from you.


“It’s your time to thrive

The Mojo Master