Is trying to improve your health killing your self worth?

Improving your health can be a challenge, but is it killing your self worth?


Most people start their health journey to impress others or to feel accepted by others. Not truly because it is part of their life purpose, life mission or matches their highest values.

This is usually self evident when the person starts their health journey when everything is going well but as soon as a challenge arises the person begins to self-sabotage.


Self-sabotage is usually a clear sign that something isn’t in alignment with a person’s true highest values or life purpose.


This is a challenging topic as most people that attend my live events state they have no clear idea as to what their true values, are nor what their life purpose or life mission is.

This makes it extremely hard for anyone to achieve lasting results or attain lasting fulfilment with what they do. It usually causes a person to also value the opinion of others more than they value themselves.


Each time a person commits to achieving a goal that isn’t aligned with their values, mission or life purpose they have a high likelihood of self sabotage. Each time that person self sabotages their goals, it usually causes a flooding of emotions such as guilt, anger, resentment, hate etc. The more a person does this, the more their self-worth will get smashed to pieces.


Eventually that person will ask themselves: “What’s the point of trying as I always seem to fail, self sabotage or give up?”

It’s not because the person is a failure, it’s just because the person has no idea who they truly are, so they don’t know what is truly important to them or why.

Once a person has clarity around who they really are by knowing their values, life mission and life purpose, then they can take the next step of creating goals that align with their true calling. Rather than making decisions to impress others or feeling like it’s the right thing to do. This will also massively reduce the likelihood of self sabotage.



Here is a quick exercise I show to those who attend my live 4 day Thrive Time event where I help attendees get clear on their life purpose, life mission and values.

It’s best to do this exercise before you go to bed each night as the frontal lobe (creative part) of the brain is highly active.

Before you go to bed each night, for 30 days, write 10 reasons why improving your health is important to you.

This will begin to link health and being healthy to your own highest values.


Below is an example:

  • Great health is important to me because…………….
  • Great health is important to me because it gives me great energy to connect with my kids.
  • Great health is important to me because it allows me to feel good about myself and build my self worth
  • Great health is important to me because it allows me to manage my moods and not get tired and frustrated.

Give it a shot and let me know how you go.

The Mojo Master