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Is Fear Stopping You From Going After What You Want?

I’m consistently told about a this thing called fear and its like this barrier, this trap, these tentacles coming out and locking them in and stopping them from doing the thing that they want to do in life. When I ask them why they’re not moving forward and why they’re not achieving the things that they want, why they are not reaching their dreams, why they are not following their vision, this is what they often tell me.

“Michael you don’t understand, it’s because of this fear this fear of success or  fear of failure.”

It made me think what truly is fear? What is this thing that we are so afraid of as a society as a population or whatever it is that we want to call that which we are trying to break free from?

But really fear is one of two things there are only really two fears one of them is the fear of dying, for instance if you were go to do something and there was a strong likelihood that you were going to die from it, then that is real fear that is the fear of having our life threatened.

If we are sleeping in a jungle at night time by ourselves all alone then we are probably fearing that we are going to die. Yet there is this other fear that people are talking about, most people aren’t being stopped by the fear of being eaten or the fear of dying it is this other fear, this fear of not being accepted, of not being good enough, maybe being judged, by being criticised by someone telling us that we are not doing a good job.

When I really thought about it, all it is, is the fear of having our character judged of who we think we really are.

That if we think we are successful and we are achieving great things and then all of a sudden something happens something big comes out of the blue and wipes us out financially or takes away our success or we get sacked from a job or a career or whatever it is. There is this common fear that comes up that maybe we are not good enough or maybe people are not going to accept us because our character is being challenged. Another one is, if i am doing this thing, like if I am filming this video right now and someone criticises me and they tell me that I am not a kind person or a loving person or that I am full of crap or whatever it is that it could be then they are challenging my character so therefore we create this fear that we are not going to fit in or that someone else is going to judge us and because of that, we stop.

It’s not really a fear, it’s not really a true fear, it is only a limiting belief for ourselves because if someone is judging us, that is not a judgement of ourselves, it is only if we believe that we are that way then that is what stops us.

If you think about it, if you really want to break through your fears you need to ask yourself is it a life-threatening fear or is it a fear of having your character tarnished or judged or criticised. Because we all have this idea about who we think we are,  if we think that we are kind and someone comes up and says, “Well because you have asked me for money you are not a kind person!” The truth is you may be this kind person but you just have this big dream and vision that needs money to keep growing and expanding so you can reach more people.

Yet because someone judges your character that may stop you in your tracks and it’s not a true fear, never ever allow someone to dictate your own worth by judging your character because you’re the only person who truly knows your intentions. You’re the only real person who knows your own character and identity of who you are.

We need to stop worrying about who other people believe we are especially with social media these days we can be judged by someone on the other side of the world who has never even met us, who knows nothing about us, who knows nothing about our intentions yet they may be judging us because of who they think I am yet they don’t even really know us.

They don’t even know why we do what we do, they have have just come along and seen a video that we have posted on social media or could just be an e-mail that we have sent to someone and not even really thought about how it’s going to affect them. But deep down we really need to be strong enough and grounded about who we are and know our own identity and our own character so that we can break through.

It is our time, it is our time now to really start busting through all this crap and stop worrying about what other people think. If you are a grown adult it is time to push all that stuff away and really focus on what you are trying to create in the world, what is your vision? What are your goals? How are you going to get there? What are your intentions behind what you are doing?

Is it because you are living in fear because you may be doing the wrong things or are you doing the right things but you are afraid that someone might tell you that you might be doing the wrong thing. If that is the case keep busting through and keep doing what you love, but you must know yourself first, you must know your intentions, you must know who you are as a person and the character you want to create.

I always remember this one saying which is to “Be before you become.” If you want to become happy you need to be happy and know yourself first, you need to  create that character and then the rest of the world will see it.

It is our time right now to bust through these fears and stop worrying what other people think, to stop worrying about being criticized, stop worrying about being judged especially when we are in this global connection sphere that is happening around the world right now and we are all connected in some way and some form.

The truth is we have more opportunity than ever to grow our visions and to grow our dreams but we also have just as much opportunity to be judged, criticised and knocked down. So unless you are strong on your feet and you have those great visions and great goals that you set all the time and you are consistently focused on then you will be stopped in your tracks by that giant octopus with those giant tentacles of fear that will wrap you up and stop you from achieving.

I really hope you have enjoyed this and I look forward to you joining me back here next time don’t let fear stop you, don’t let fear get in your way it’s your time to thrive.

The Mojo Master