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How to stop yourself falling into a winter slump

So you’ve put away your board shorts and swimmers, opting instead to spend the cool winter nights in your tracky pants and ugg boots. Mid-winter it’s too easy to snuggle under your winter doona, forget about your goals and hibernate… before the next wave of anxiety hits. Then, as the days become longer and sun begins to shine bright again, many people freak out about having to wear shorts and beach wear again.

Don’t be one of those people signing up for a gym membership in October when you realise you let yourself go or worse… be one of those people at New Year’s who complains that once again that this year just wasn’t their year.

Here are my quick tips to stay on track with your goals throughout winter.

Set goals

  • Set 2-3 winter goals
  • Break them down into 3 monthly goals
  • Break them down into 3 weekly goals

This will give you consistent, attainable goals that will lead to your bigger goals

Get an accountability partner or coach

Accountability partners or coaches are great for keeping you on track over the winter months. Just by having someone to hold you accountable will make sure you stick to your goals especially when it’s a lot easier to sit in front of a warm heater and snuggle into the couch with a hot drink.

Use leverage

Create an end date for the goal and have something at that date that will force you to stay on track. Eg: A bikini photo shoot at the start of spring will keep you on track with your clean eating goal.

Post this quote up so that you can see it

This is one of my favourite quotes that sits on my wall in my office as a very valuable reminder.

“ You can’t control the outcome or goal. You can only control the work you put in.”

This is a consistent reminder that your goals and outcomes can only be achieved from the work you do today.


Wrap Up

Winter is a great time to catch up on sleep and allow your body to rejuvenate but it can easily become a time to veg out, get lazy and gain winter kilograms. By using these basic yet essential tips you can stay on track in winter.

Keep living with Mojo.

“It’s your time to thrive”

The Mojo Master