How to stay strong in the moments that define us

No one ever wants to hit rock bottom but there is a hidden gift in all that pain.


The best thing about hitting rock bottom is that those who get back up have incredible strength and courage. They stop giving a f&$k about what everyone thinks and want them to be and they lead the way doing what ever it takes to create an amazing life.


Why does hitting rock bottom destroy some and creates inspirations out of others?


There are three choices when you hit rock bottom.

  1. Start the climb, back up
  2. Stay down
  3. Dig a bigger hole


We all hit rock bottom at some point and for many it may happen a few times (or more frequently if you don’t learn from or become empowered by your mistakes).


The key is to take this opportunity to become a stronger, wiser, more accepting and greater version of yourself. This can never happen where there is blame, anger, hatred and dis-empowerment. That’s why hitting rock bottom will either make or break most.


How you overcome life’s obstacles will determine your character, so stay empowered and stay on track as at the end of your life you will either be an inspiration to others or you will be a valuable warning.


So next time you feel yourself bottoming out… instead of giving in to despair, ask yourself if this experience might just be the making of you?

The Mojo Master