How to obliterate the excuses that limit YOUR results

Ask yourself honestly… How often are you making excuses?


What are excuses?

Excuses are stories we tell ourselves to stay comfortable with our indecisions, lack of clarity or fear of change.

Excuses are always relative to our goals, missions and life purpose and say a lot about our mindset and how big and how clear our goals really are.


For example, a person may have an excuse that they are sick and miss work,

YET they may go to the gym when sick.

This just shows that they are unclear on their life values.


Another may make an excuse that they are too busy to follow through on their pre-arranged commitments

YET when they have a chance to win a million dollars they change their plans and suddenly aren’t so busy.


All excuses are relative to a person’s dreams, goals, mission, life purpose, fears and habits.

Without clarity on these areas, a person’s life will be full of BULLS&&T excuses that keep them trapped in the pain of not achieving the success, fulfillment and happiness they want.


What’s the cost of excuses?

Excuses work like a parasite eating away at a person’s dreams, goals and self-worth.

They always seem legitimate to the excuse holder and are often justified to avoid self-judgement and the judgement of others.


By the time most excuse holders have realised that they consistently make and justify excuses, they have little to no self-worth to make any changes as fear, regret and resentment kick in.

Excuses only serve to protect us from our judgements of ourself for not stepping up and having the courage to do what we know we are capable of.


At any moment a person is:

1.) Making excuses and justifications


2.) Taking action and moving towards their goals, mission and vision while living their true values.


In life, you have either excuses or results. What do you choose?


Go and do what you know you are truly capable of doing.

If you can dream it and you continue to think about it, you are born to pursue it.

It’s your time to THRIVE!

The Mojo Master