How to live up to your own standards

As a kid I always DREAMED of living on the beach in a big house YET I was told I had to do well at school, so I could get a good job to be able to afford a nice house. (I struggled through most subjects in school.  A’s were rare and C’s were acceptable.)

As a kid I dreamed of meeting and learning from the smartest people in their chosen fields, YET I was made to feel dumb by being placed in special classes, told I had learning difficulties and ADD.

At school I was told I talked too much and spent many days sitting outside the classroom as I challenged conventional thinking and led others to do the same, especially if I couldn’t see what was being taught as having a practical application in life or lacked common sense.

As a kid I struggled to fit in. I was friendly with most yet never felt part of a group or invited to social gathering (until grade 11-12). Most school holidays I would sit at home watching documentaries, sports, re-runs of police academy or painting model planes.

TODAY I am able to be the person I was born to be. Not because I was the smartest, had the best grades, was the coolest, had the richest parents or even had great support.

I did it because I stayed focused on what I knew I could be. Not what everyone else wanted or thought I should be.

It made me develop an inner strength and ability to rely on myself.

Sometimes a hard past is the best for a great future.

Sometimes learning to rely on yourself, love yourself and believe in yourself is far better than having others believe in you.

Sometimes accepting yourself for who you are is far more important than having others accept who you are.

Sometimes you just have to say F&$k IT and do what is right for you as you are the only one who knows if you are living up to your own life standards HENCE you will also be the person who LOVE and accepts you or HATES you more than anyone else.

LIVE UP TO YOUR OWN STANDARDS and F&$K what other people think of you. Worry about what you think of you.

Are you living up to your own life standards??



“It’s your time to thrive

The Mojo Master

The Mojo Master