How to improve your health this spring

For most people, spring is the time where they look in the mirror and think……

“Oh S#$t!

What happened over winter!”

Their clothes don’t fit the same, and taking off their winter woollies reveals their bad health habits over winter and have resulted in an unhealthy winter body with extra padding.


Although physical appearance is something that causes most people to begin to think about their health, many only start taking their physical health seriously when diagnosed with some form of physical ailment or dis-ease.


For most, pain is their motivator. 


It could be the pain of being judged by others, the fear of not feeling good enough or being happy within.

It may even be the fear of death from a disease or loss of normal function.


What most people don’t understand is that if you use pain as your motivator then as you start to improve your health the pain will decrease and hence so will the motivation.

Due to the decrease in pain, a person motivated by pain will slowly begin to make decisions that self sabotage their health journey. This will eventually lead to that person going back to their old habits in which the pain will increase again.


It will be a continuous circle of the pain of poor health or poor results followed by starting a new journey to improving health. As their health starts to improve they begin to self-sabotage again. It is a merry–go-round of new health kicks, diets, exercise plans and health coaches yet the journey continually ends in the same place of feeling guilty, angry and defeated.


This is why I recommended to anyone who wants to improve their health that until they change the way they think they will never truly master long sustaining health habits. Usually the mind is the most undertrained and underprepared part of a person’s health journey yet is the number reason why most people fail to achieve lasting results.


The average person will spend money on a personal trainer, a gym membership, buy over priced supplements, organic food, over priced clothing and shoes to look the part yet spend $0 on their quest to master their mind which is the common link between all their past failures in gaining lasting health results.


For most people, their past and learned behaviours control the way they think, which is why they usually end up in the situation they are in.

Unless a person is prepared to work on their mind and value it over physical results then most will just continue to repeat past patterns over and over again which leaves them feeling disempowered with low self worth and a lack of self belief.


So this spring, try something new!


Forget clearing your cupboards and buying the latest supplements and exercise equipment from late night tv. Focus on mastering your mind.


Master your mind and you’ll master your life.



The Mojo Master