How to escape the Motivation trap

The fast track to becoming UNMOTIVATED is to keep chasing motivation.

Most motivation junkies are ignorant to the correlation between feeling

  • Down
  • Flat
  • Tired
  • Lethargic
  • Beating themselves up emotionally and
  • Their unmotivated states

to the previous high of being motivated, amped up, hyperactive etc.


What is the Motivation Trap?

The ADRENALINE response associated with getting motivated (especially from events and seminars) can cause a decrease in rational brain function, while causing an increase in physical energy and performance for a short time; Hence why so many people get addicted to it. Some even reference it to being like a “drug” or “getting their motivation fix”.

It is like a drug!!!
…… and just like a junkie that enjoys the high;

they are also ignorant to the fact that a high always leads to a low and the higher the high the lower the low.

When most MOTIVATION JUNKIES crash or have their lows / ruts their natural response is to crave more motivation once again. And the Junkie is back, stuck in the Motivation trap!


What does this do to someone trying to achieve at a high level?

This causes most to live in viscous cycles of:
– Emotional highs and lows,
– Physical peaks and physically destructive ruts,
– Good habits followed by destructive habits,
– Hyper-activity (High energy) followed by Hypo-activity (Lethargy and low energy)
– Emotionally excited followed by emotionally depressed
– Super focused followed by stress and confusion.


So, what’s the alternative for someone who wants to reach the next level of success?

We teach people how to stay emotionally balanced, focused and clear which creates flow, empowering habits, as well as advanced human behaviour that is not based around outdated concepts and theories (that are usually marketed as the latest and greatest like most NLP or motivation).

We DO NOT teach people false motivation by jumping up and down, getting excited or hyperactive as this does not last and is just as destructive as it is constructive.

We actually teach people what they need to learn, implement and action in order to create an empowered, balanced life, while feeling fulfilled as that leads to the greatest chances of real success.

Thrive Time is a game changer especially for those sick of not achieving what they know they are capable of and also for those sick of their emotional volatilities and destructive ruts.


Ready to escape the Motivation trap?

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