How to deal with emotional pain

All emotions are cyclical.

You cannot experience love without also experiencing fear,

You cannot experience peace without at the same time creating a war,

You cannot experience joy if you have never experienced pain

And you cannot experience a high without plunging back into a low.

Searching for just a “positive” life with only “positive” experiences will cause many to live in pain.

Once a person understands that everything has to remain in balance or equilibrium, the less pain a person will have as they will lose the desire for an only a positive (pleasurable) life an realise that both have to exist for our individual growth.

If everything were only positive then no one would grow and if a person does not learn the lesson of life they will keep repeating the lesson and feel stuck or trapped.

The fastest way to grow is to appreciate the lesson that pain brings, as pain is our greatest teacher.


Pain creates growth. If you do not learn from your pain then you will live in pain.

There is no positive without negative, so do not indulge in positive thinking or positive psychology. To others, you may appear more positive, but this will leave you miserable, guilty and judgemental in private.

If you believe life should be easy and happy you will live with pain. As you continue to try and reject pain in order to believe that a (fairytale) life, full of only happiness and ease exists.

All emotions are cyclical (bipolar), like the weather. They are always in a state of transition back to harmony, which is experiencing both “good and bad” (growth).

The easiest way to deal with your emotional cycles is to know your life mission, purpose, life goals and have a life map. Then you will understand how your emotions and your pain serve your life mission.

The Mojo Master