How to build self-worth from the inside out

Most of our society is HELL BENT on changing everything outside of the individual in order to make the individual feel happy, worthy, confident.

IT’S ALL BULLS&&t and only works in the case of those disempowered individuals within our society.


Nothing outside of you will ever make you feel worthy, happy, grateful, respected, adequate, equal etc. within.

The only way a person will feel like they are enough (in this world of 7 billion people with different beliefs, religions, upbringing, ideas, ideals, philosophies etc.) is to build SELF WORTH AND SELF LOVE. That will never come from changing the outside world to make others feel enough.

It only comes from those with the courage to come up against their own fears, worries, lack of confidence, lack of worth and self-judgements.

The idea of the world or society changing to protect everyone else will only lead down the same path that is already travelled especially in the areas of mental and emotional health and strength.

It’s time for society to stop trying to make everyone fit into what everyone else wants. It’s time to celebrate INDIVIDUALISM and teach people to stop worrying about what others have that you don’t. Comparison is what is destroying people’s self worth and courage.

It’s time to STOP putting children into a system where they are judged on their ability to FIT IN to the system where they spend most of their schooling years being graded on being the best at fitting in and thinking like everyone else wants them to think.

It’s time to celebrate both men and women for their individualisms, not causing both sexes to compare what they do and do not have. Both are uniquely individual just as every person in our society is amazingly unique.

It’s time to STOP teaching people that if we are insecure and complain enough that society will change to protect those with insecurities.

IT’S TIME to teach that, in order to develop self worth and self love, a person has to come up against their own individual thoughts and emotions no matter how F&$ked a person may think they are. This is called self-empowerment.

IT’S TIME to teach people that mistakes and failure is part of life and that, in order to find balance in life, we have to keep pushing and testing our own boundaries through both success and failure.

Each one of us has an individual choice.

If the individual builds their strength through coming up against their own challenges and lifting the weights that life throws at us then that individual gets stronger and hence builds self worth.

If everyone tries to HELP others by removing the weight that life gives, many think they are helping the individual when in fact they are making that person HELPLESS and decreasing their ability to create self worth, self belief, courage and confidence.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support those who face challenge.
Like a spotter at the gym it is important that if a person is having a challenge lifting the weight of life that others are there for support, but like the spotter at the gym, they do not lift the weight for others unless it is about to crush them and only then do they remove slight pressure as it is essential in order to gain strength you must lift your own weight.

Challenge and support need to be given in balanced amounts in order to gain strength.

It is also essential to teach individuals that nothing on the outside will ever make an individual feel enough.

It’s time to STOP people in our society, who are afraid of saving themselves, trying to save others and teach them the greatest gift a person can give to another human… the INSPIRATION to be themselves and to love themselves. The only way that is done is when an individual heals their own inner wounds and demons and turns their own weaknesses into strengths.

The Mojo Master