How to break free from the nightmare of worry

Most people have been CONDITIONED to worry about the small things or things they cannot control or influence. Giving away their power to focus on the big thing that they can influence or control.

If your life seems OUT OF CONTROL write a list of all the things that you are worried about and then categorise those worries into:

1.) things you can directly control,
2.) things you can influence,
3.) things you cannot control or influence directly.

  • FOCUS on number 1 first.
  • Followed by number 2 (Only after all of your level 1 worries have been resolved)
  • And finally……. FORGET about number 3 as it’s a waste of your time, energy and effort.

If a person continues to worry about things they cannot CONTROL (usually things within themselves) or the things they cannot INFLUENCE (others)… then they are wasting their life, due to a conditioning where most think that worrying or complaining about something will change it.

In most cases it won’t, as the responsibility for that problem is outside of the person with the worry. This is one of the fastest ways to become disempowered, lower your self worth and cultivate a angry self righteous persona.

It’s not worth it!

Control yourself,
Influence others,
And forget about things you cannot control or influence because, if you don’t, they will become a living nightmare.

The Mojo Master