How to Break Free from Comfort Zone Trap

Are you trapped in your comfort zone?

You will only ever be worth what you believe yourself to be worth.

The belief and the emotional certainty of the belief always come before the reality.


Most people I meet tell me they want to live a wealthy life (financially, friendships, health, attitude etc.) yet have fears about judgement, betrayal, being hurt etc and worry frequently.

Their mind may be searching for wealth but their emotions are searching for comfort and safety.

No one ever created a wealthy life by living in their comfort zone.


Many times these people will step out of their comfort zone for small spells (usually to prove their worth to other) then fall back into the comfort trap.

This will only ever lead to an emotional roller coaster and self doubt as life results will be sporadic. For example, everything will seem like it is going great then it will fall apart and the person will hit rock bottom.


The fastest way out of this trap is to:

  1. Create a vision of the life you want
  2. See that vision daily
  3. Set achievable goals and look at them daily
  4. Create an amazing peer group that align with your goals and visions
  5. Be grateful for how far you have already come
  6. Love those who have hurt you even if they may not deserve your love.
  7. Watch for fakers. Fakers talk but never follow through with their actions as they are usually too happy living with their pain. They will drag you down eventually.
  8. Remember having money does not make someone wealthy. Be careful of those who always need to appear to be something as they are usually trying to fill a void. You may only be part of that void until the next shiny things comes along that grabs their attention.
  9. Love yourself
  10. Create your dreams. Stop living life for everyone else (what your parents wanted you to be, or your teachers, partner, friends etc.) it’s your life.

“It’s your time to thrive”


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