Haters gonna hate. What about you?

Have you ever had to deal with haters?


What I know is that weak-minded people hate those who have what they want.

The weak minded will complain, bitch, moan and find problems with whatever achievers do.

They will judge, blame and even find other weak minded individuals and form a group to give them the impression they are strong and right.


If only the weak minded spent less time finding problems and spent more time figuring out what works.

If only the weak minded realised that circumstances never create a future and luck does not play a part.

If they only they’d realise that hard work, a strong mind and great teams create success, then they too may have the life of an achiever.

If they swapped blaming and complaining for celebrations and gratitude,

And spent less time justifying why they do not have what they want in life for good questions and a fierce curiosity to find answers…


They too could be an achiever and not just a hater.


If they only learned to love themselves, then they too may look within to grow, learn and be the best they can be, instead of throwing the hate they have for themselves onto others, just so that others can experience the pain they have within.


To all of the haters.

You hate yourself not anyone else.
Your judgements are a reflection of you, not others.
Your behaviours are a reflection of your thoughts.


The empowering thing here is that you control your thoughts, just as you control your actions and you also control your life.

YOU and only YOU can change it, but all change starts within.

It takes balls to decide to make your life greater than you currently live it and many of you will not have the balls to change, but that is your choice too.


Don’t hate the achievers, for the achievers do not care what you think.

They are more worried about doing something else great.

They are more worried about their friendships, their health, their own thoughts and emotions, not yours.


I once was a hater but now I’m an achiever.  What about you?



“It’s your time to THRIVE

The Mojo Master

The Mojo Master