Don’t go broke trying to look rich.

So if I had to give just one piece of advice to anyone feeling trapped or stressed by money, it would be…

“Don’t go broke trying to look RICH.”


That’s how the rich get richer and the broke get even deeper into debt.


Billions of dollars exchange hands every day as OUT OF CONTROL consumers, that can’t afford to save money nor invest, waste the little money they have or worse, buy on CREDIT, just to try to look like they have money.

Wasting money on sh$t that you can’t afford (especially when you have minimal savings and don’t invest in your future) is the DRUG OF THE MASSES and will keep most living week-to-week or struggling financially.


Being FINANCIALLY ABUNDANT is hard, as you have to control your emotions and not get excited to spend especially until you save, invest and have a structured routine around money (even when you have none).


WEALTH CREATION is a mental and emotional game and those who cannot control their mind or those who cannot control their emotions will struggle to get ahead financially, especially if they:

  • have low self-worth,
  • worry what others think


  • feel lost most of the time,

as they will spend what they don’t have TRYING TO LOOK RICH or TRYING TO BE HAPPY.


It’s all superficial and will not last.

Making the person who is mentally and emotionally lost searching again to spend more hoping that happiness and worth come from buying more stuff.





Master your mind and emotions and

Master your money!

The Mojo Master