Change Your Mind; Change Your Health

All HEALTH starts in the mind and is transferred to the body both neuro chemically and neuro electrically.

If you have an unhealthy mind creating unhealthy emotions then no amount of organic, vegan food will save you until you change your mind.


Have you ever WONDERED why someone can smoke until they are 100 years of age and still look healthy and prosper? Yet a person who exercises daily and eats all organic can die at 35 from a lifestyle related DIS-EASE?

Change your mind, change your emotions.
Change your mind, change your life.


Have you ever WONDERED why some people who STRESS about their health, and everything that goes in their mouth, can look severely unhealthy?

Change your mind, change your emotions.
Change your mind, change your life.


All health starts in the mind and all emotions start with a thought until they become a HABIT.


For most people, the idea of working on their mind seems almost crazy yet they will WASTE MONEY on drugs, alcohols, pharmaceuticals, TV subscriptions etc trying to escape from their internal thoughts and emotional feelings.

For most, the idea that they are in CONTROL of their mind which creates the chemical compounds (hormones) that flood the body to produce feelings or emotions scares the SHIT out of them! For a lasting change they have to have some form of self-responsibility in order to change the way they feel and break their chemical ADDICTIONS to those emotions.


For some, the idea of spending thousands on protein powders, gym gear, gym memberships, Lycra etc is a lot easier than trying to change their mind. Yet don’t most people say that they are trying to “FEEL GOOD” by going to the gym? Isn’t “feeling good” an emotional state which is created by the mind?

Why spend all that EFFORT and energy trying to change the inside (thoughts and feelings) from the outside (by going to the gym, exercising or buying things)?


Life is an emotional game.
Emotions are a creation of perceptions,
And perceptions are a combination of our thoughts.

Change your mind,
Change your life.


For most, the MIND is an UNDERVALUED and under appreciated growth area in a person’s life YET it is the most important area of any person’s life as it creates our feelings and perceptions and, our feelings and perceptions are what we call our LIFE!

The Mojo Master