Are You Helping Others Or Making Them Helpless?

Have you ever questioned weather you’re actually helping those around you….


If you’re just making them helpless by over-supporting them?


Many try to help others as they believe it makes them a good person by doing so, yet there is a fine line between helping and hindering (making a person helpless).


It is important to understand that optimum growth in an individual happens with an equal balance of challenge and support.


Those who over support others do so at the detriment of those they are trying to help.
(This is usually due to a poor understanding around personal responsibility and how self worth, self belief and resilience are all built from overcoming our own challenges.)


What happens when someone is made helpless?

When there’s minimal action, minimal responsibility and a lack of courage around a persons actions….. pain is created to help them learn, adapt and grow.


When a person tries to help someone without holding them accountable to their own growth and expansion then it causes the individuals self worth to be reduced. Over time this causes them to become needy.


Sometimes the greatest gift a person can give to another is supporting them to take on big challenges within their life and holding them accountable to their own commitments.


If you really want to help others (including yourself) remember that optimum growth happens when challenge and support are balanced and that self worth is created from having the courage to push your own limitations.

The Mojo Master