All or nothing? It usually means nothing or poor results

Are you one of those all or nothing people?

I used to be until I found out my all or nothing mentality caused me to self-sabotage and self-destruct.


Here is why…


The all or nothing mentality is usually confined to those with high expectations in life.

This means one of two things.


They usually only do things that are working 100%. For example, these types of people will start a new gym training or exercise regime on Monday morning after they spent all day Sunday buying new exercise clothes, buying fresh food, reading health articles, preparing their food for the week and making sure everything is perfect for their new journey to great health.

Everything will work well for a few days until the first slip up. This will then cause a barrage of self-sabotaging behaviours that will be justified as starting fresh tomorrow or next Monday. This will continue to happen until….


They lower their expectations with a justification that nothing ever seems to work or everything is too hard. They begin to give all self-power, self-control and self-responsibility away. They then begin to justify that whatever happens in life they are just a victim of circumstance which they have no influence or control over.


The all or nothing mentally is one of the fastest ways to achieve nothing or even if you do achieve something it will be unfulfilling.


It’s important to understand that challenges always occur on the journey to greater success and that lasting achievement happens when a person understands that slip ups and mistakes are inevitable. By being someone who makes a mistake then takes responsibility for their mistake by learning from them and continuing on their journey, leads to the creation on new habits. It’s those habits that create lasting results.


Master your mind, master your life

The Mojo Master