5 Quick Ways to Build Self-Worth

Most people think self worth is natural to those who have it. But it’s built over time. Here are some of the fastest ways to build self worth.

1.Plan your future.
Due to most people having busy lives, as a result they become reactive to day to day tasks and forget to plan their future. This then forces most people to become reactive to external circumstances and not proactive in the growth of their own goals. Over time reacting to external circumstances and the wishes of everyone else will cause a rapid decline in self worth and self belief.


2. Live your values
Self worth comes down to self value and self value is created from living your true values. Most people mistake values with social ideals such as kindness, honour, love, honesty etc. It is because of this confusion in values that many people give up on their values, opting for trying to make others happy by living to social ideals. Your values are your intrinsic priorities in life that lead to lasting fulfillment, not momentary happiness. The more a person lives their values the more self worth, self love and self appreciation they will have, along with fulfillment in life.

3. Commitment is an action, not an idea.
Most people commit to their goals and dreams when everything in life is going well but usually break their commitments especially when it comes to living their goals and dreams. Every time you break a commitment to yourself you are affecting your self worth which will slowly reduce your courage to take on challenges when they arise in the future. Those who achieve great things in this world along with those who are truly fulfilled in life commit to their growth even if that means taking on challenges that scare them or staring fear in the face. Achievers commit and stay committed to their growth, goals and dreams when hard. Dreamers just commit to things when everything is easy and usually back out of their commitments when times are hard.

4. Prioritise yourself first
Leaders and change makers in this world are those who know that in order to give to others you first have to give to yourself. Many in our society give everything to everyone else around them leaving nothing for themselves making themselves a martyr. True leaders know that you can only give what you have and this includes your love and worth.


5. Do the things that scare you
Many people in our society want a comfortable life yet making comfortable choices in the moment can lead to lifetime of struggle. Those with increasing self worth focus on their life purpose, mission and goals. It is because of this they do the things that scare them in the moment only to increase their self worth and self belief over time. Doing what scares you is not about taking uncalculated risks. It’s about thinking ahead and doing the things that scare you today to live a greater tomorrow. By taking on challenges and succeeding, your self belief will grow along with your self worth.


Self worth isn’t created by physical things, including the way you look, the house you live in, the car you drive or the size of your muscles. It comes from within. It is a greater belief in yourself over time which over time will increase self worth and this will eventually lead to self love.


“It’s your time to thrive”

The Mojo Master