3 Steps to feel great about being you!

Always remember to feel great about being you.

If you don’t believe in you, what you do and what you stand for, then who will?


  1. You are unique; you are special and you friggen Rock!

Stop trying to fit in and please others. Instead stand out and please yourself, by adding value to the lives of others.


  1. You have a gift, just like we all do. Find it and let it shine.

It is impossible to see your gift while you are looking at the gifts others have, wishing you were the same. That only dulls the light you have within.

The truth is: I can’t spell that well. I swear too much. I have pale skin. I was told that I would get nowhere in life when I was younger as I had ADD and learning difficulties and couldn’t concentrate. I would lead others astray as I hated conventional thinking and when someone told me that I had to do things the way they were always done, I would challenge them to do it a better way. I was constantly in trouble for being a smart arse and talking too much in class.

Now they are my greatest gifts in life.

I tell it the way it is. I have too much energy, which helps me work hard and also allows me to inspire others, as most people want more energy. Now I get told I have a good energy. They call it passion these days.

I can’t sit still for long periods. These days it’s called work ethic. I challenge the norm by showing people what is possible in their own lives as social convention is boring, sick and stressed. No one wants that.

Now people who challenge the norm are rewarded and called entrepreneurs or visionaries.

I used to get in trouble for talking and now I make a living out of it. A living that I enjoy and love.


  1. Do what you love and find your passions.

Never let anyone ever tell you that you should be something you’re not. Even if that someone is yourself!

You are worth so much more than that 🙂



The Mojo Master