12 things that HIGH ACHIEVERS do to achieve their full potential

There are a FEW BIG THINGS that people who have a S$&T LIFE don’t do that HIGH ACHIEVERS do…..


Here is what HIGH ACHIEVERS DO that people who continue to struggle mentally, emotionally and financially rarely do:

1.) Follow through on their decision and commitments, no matter how big or small

2.) Make decisions based on their future vision, goals, life purpose, and life mission

3.) Don’t let others side track them (Including friends and family)

4.) They have clarity around their future vision, goals, life mission, life purpose and values

5.) They have emotional control

6.) They are a student of life and are always growing and willing to learn

7.) Their internal self voice is louder than the external voices of their critics

8.) They do not let their past circumstances dictate their future success, happiness or fulfillment

9.) They associate with a strong support network that believes and sees what the individual is truly capable of (their potential), not a support network that supports someone for being average, mediocre and try’s to keep Individuals the same well into the future for their own comfort and happiness.

10.) They believe in themselves even when others around them may not.

11.) They embrace uncertainty and change over comfort and familiarity.

12.) They do not put up with other people’s S$&T.

ARE YOU achieving at your true potential or ARE YOU still struggling to break through to live a life that you know you were born and capable of living?

It’s your time to THRIVE

Michael Johnson – The Mojo Master

The Mojo Master