10 Reasons Most Struggle To Stick With A New Exercise Routine

How many times have you or someone you know started an exercise routine, a eating routine or tried to implement something to improve your health, yet found that you sabotaged your results due to your mindset or emotions?


So many people start a new exercise or health regime by focusing on a new exercise or health program without remembering why the last one didn’t work. For most people the reason the last program stopped working was due to mental and emotional habits like self sabotage, an all or nothing attitude and pretending it wasn’t the perfect program that was the problem. When creating change in regards to your health it is essential to remember that the most perfect program that isn’t implemented still leads to poor results.


The biggest challenges that most people face with implementing most things in their life are:

  1. A lack of clarity around why achieving these results are important
  2. Old habits that prevent new habits from being created
  3. Unrealistic expectations of results
  4. Unrealistic times frames based on current knowledge, habits and skill set
  5. A fantasy that results should be easy or comfortable
  6. Comparing yourself to others
  7. Not having the right coaches, mentors and knowledge to achieve the desired outcomes
  8. Expecting that coaches and mentors support what’s comfortable for you. Great coaches and mentors are there to challenge you when needed and support when needed (not when you feel like it).
  9. Justifying why you never seem to get the results you want or making excuses why you can’t do what needed to be done.
  10. Expecting that change will be easy and comfortable. All change is uncomfortable as it is pushing and creating new boundaries as well as creating new learning’s.  


If you look at the above the biggest challenges are all related to thoughts and emotional states. Most people do not get the results they want in regards to their health due to their inability to commit to changing, challenging and developing their mindset and their emotional intelligence. This isn’t just true for improving their health but also improving any area of life.


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