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With Dr Joe Dispenza, best selling author, Star of the What the Bleep and world renowned expert of quantum psychology, neuroscience, neuroplasticity and cellular biology.  

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With Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group

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“Mojo Move” with Bradley Smith – Global Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Young Australian of the Year (Tas), 4x Retail Business of the Year winner, 2x Young Australian Entrepreneur of the Year, Founder of Braaap Motocycles

Jeffrey Slater and Kane Minkus founders of Industry Rockstars.

with Dr John Demartini – Founder of the Demartini Institute, Author of nine internationally published titles translated into 28 different languages, featured in movies such as The Secret and What the Bleep?.

with good friends Jamie McIntyre and James Sargent. Jamie is founder of the 21st Century Group of companies which includes: Wealth Magazine, The Australian National Review, 21st Century Education and Think and Grow Rich Magazine.

As I sat there tears running down my face, kitchen knife in hand I wondered whether life would change or life would end? This was the question that started it all.

As a youngster I was inquisitive. I wanted to know how everything worked and was frequently in trouble for breaking things. I didn’t realise that sometimes things do not go back together the same way they came apart.

Not only did my inquisitive nature get me into trouble at home but the same patterns followed me across to school.

“Michael stop talking and distracting others,” teachers would say as I talked to those around me during class time. My inability to sit still and focus would later turn out to be undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder, learning difficulties and mild dyslexia. From my point of view I didn’t understand how most things taught in school related to life skills. I wanted to know why birds fly, why the most popular kid at school was an A&*E hole and I wanted to learn how to make money as I was always being teased for wearing cheap shoes and clothes. Learning algebra and making salt crystals in chemistry were not my thing.

Doing my best to fit in at school was not something I was good at.

Being punished at school and at home for not achieving good grades was the norm. But for me the hardest thing I found about growing up was not fitting in at school. I was constantly bullied for my red hair, pale skin and being chubby. Every day for me was a dark day from the second I woke up until the time I went to bed.

Each day I was fighting inner demons in a dark place without a light. During school holidays I would sit at home by myself for weeks watching movies as it was rare that I would be invited to do something with other kids. At the age of 9 I ran away from home as I felt I did not belong.

My need to escape the harsh world around me did not go away through my teenage years, my pain only became worse.

To combat bullying I learned how to fight and frequently found myself fighting my tormentors as a way of stopping the pain. This eventually led to my expulsion from school. As if the darkness and demons in my head weren’t bad enough, I now felt like a total disappointment to my family. I struggled to even look my parents in the eye and would sit at home every day feeling sorry for myself and hating myself. I felt like a worthless piece of shit.

I had enough of the pain of being alone in this terrifying darkness. I would spend days crying and hating myself.

One night I decided to end it all.

With tears streaming down my face I waited for everyone to go to sleep, then I snuck out into the kitchen, ever so quietly. I opened the kitchen drawer where mum kept her sharpest carving knife. It was so sharp that dad used to show us how it could shave the hair on his arm.

Retreating back into my bedroom I become more upset with myself and the world.

I wondered how my life had ended up this way. All the memories of everything I had ever done to cause trouble filled my mind. The words of those around me telling me how useless I was fuelled my tears. I could hear the words of my Latin teacher ringing in my ears “You’ll get nowhere in life Michael, you drag others down around you.”

Every cell in my body was resonating with hate, anger, sadness, and feeling worthless. I wanted the pain to stop, I felt like throwing up, I had enough. I grabbed the knife and held it to my wrist. It was so sharp I could feel it tearing my skin with each small movement. I wanted the pain to end.

All of a sudden my mind cleared and my beautiful grandparents who loved me no matter how much trouble I caused popped into my mind. Then the only true friend I had Josh popped into my mind. He had been to hell and back in his life and he still managed to smile each day and cheer those up around him. I imagined Josh standing over my coffin looking at me, blaming himself for not taking away my pain. I imagined the hurt and guilt he would feel. My sadness and pain turned to anger. How had I allowed others to make me feel worthless? I could feel the anger rising inside of me.

In an explosion of anger, I stood up with rage, turned around and threw the knife with all my might across the room, sending it spearing through my curtains. In a cathartic display, I then turned and punched the wall in my room so hard, that to this day I remember the spray of blood as my knuckles connected with the concrete wall.

I knew I was capable of so much more.

I knew I had something great to offer the world.

I knew I was worth being loved and

I knew I could be happy in life if I found my true calling and stopped worrying about what others thought of me. I decided there and then that never again would I allow others to determine my self-worth and never again would I allow others to decide what I could and couldn’t become in life.

But this would not be the defining moment that would change my life forever.

I went back and finished school and became a qualified diesel mechanic. While completing my apprenticeship I found something extremely confronting. The whole time at school and at work I was taught that the purpose of a good education was to get a good job and make money. However the people I worked with were making good money in their jobs but were miserable. Most would come to work each day complaining about their relationships, kids, working away, and many were still spending more money than they could make and had daily physical pain from the harsh labour, working conditions and long hours. The lunch room each day was like walking into a nest of everyone elses crappy lives.

I began to realise my future was helping people discover happiness in life and thriving. This is where the journey began as I started to study health to become a personal trainer. I would leave work most nights and sink my head into the books. I would get excited to help people and just imagined my future, going to work everyday and helping make a difference. I couldn’t wait to get out of this toxic working environment where most people were miraculously waiting for the day they could retire and be happy.

I started to tell my family, friends and work colleagues about my future dreams yet most would tell me I was crazy, there was no money in helping people and that if I stayed working in the mining industry I would be able to buy houses, investments and have money to buy the things I wanted in life.

Then one day I got some news no one ever wants to hear. Josh had been involved in a fatal car accident. He was in hospital undergoing surgery and his 3 year old niece who we used to look after and play with was tragically killed in the crash.

I remember standing at the funeral watching the small coffin being lowered into the ground. It was then I got it. Life was about living. It was about understanding yourself, your goals, your dreams and what makes you come alive. I realised that prostituting my time or life for money doing something I did not enjoy, in the hope that one day I will be free to live is crazy.

No amount of money is worth that.

I realised to be successful you don’t just need to make money, you must enjoy life, have great relationships and leave the world a little better than the way you found it. I realised life was about finding your passion, talents, gifts and living it. No longer would my environment dictate who I could or would become and how I would live.

A few weeks later I was signed off from my apprenticeship and within an hour I quit to follow my dreams and help people live an amazing life.

Over the next decade I dedicated my life to growing, learning and sharing info from some of the best results driven achievers from around the world in many different industries and fields. I also found that the more I learned and grew the greater my ability to help others became. I spent over half a million dollars on studying from the world’s best in the areas of health, mindset, practical psychology, business, marketing and much more. I wanted results. I was on a mission.

Over time I became the go to person for high achievers who wanted to improve their success, happiness and fulfilment. I also wanted to share many of the great insights I had learned on my journey working with and becoming friends with other results driven achievers. I knew my learnings could help even more people break free from mediocrity.

I didn’t always have things easy as I had chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and had been kicked to the curb many times in life, relationships, business, health and more but each time I learned more about myself and even more that I could pass on to others. I always stayed focused on my purpose in life which is to help others thrive and create a life worth living for.

  • What is the purpose of your life?
  • Why are you here?
  • What are your natural talents and abilities?
  • What do you have to offer to the world?
  • How are you going to leave the world a little better than the way you found it?


“It’s your time to thrive”

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