5 Words That Hold People Back From Ever Achieving The Life They Desire

“I Don’t have the time.”

Let’s be honest. The world is full of inequality. The only thing that is equal is time. In Adelaide, where I am from, there are 24 hours in the day. Last time I checked with friends interstate and overseas it was the same for them as well. Therefore, TIME, the use of time and the effectiveness to get what you want out of life is just priorities. If someone prioritises television over exercising or cooking good meals then one must swim in a pool of their decisions and priorities.

If you want to get more out of life STOP writing to do lists and write daily, weekly and yearly outcomes. There is always something to do and it becomes daunting. BEING BUSY IS NOT EFFECTIVE. Effectiveness comes from achieving outcomes.

EG: Today the house needs to be cleaned and lawns mowed but I also need to fill my LIFE CHANGING, brain transforming events this year called Thrive Time.

I look at my outcomes for the day:

#1 – Enjoy the day, smile and have self belief

#2 – Set weekly outcomes and priorities

#3 – Continue to create awesome bonds with customers

#4 – Continue to expand our business reach to get closer to our mission of empowering over 1 million people.

After setting my outcomes and prioritising, mowing the lawns and cleaning the house is not ever going to make my life any greater in the future. It is nice to have a clean house but if I prioritise that task then I will keep living the life I have always had. Mowing the lawns is not my passion so I will create a life where I can live my passion and earn an income out of it. Then employ someone in the future to mow the lawns and clean the house.



1* How do you want your week to look, feel, smell etc. (create a vision)

2* What would you do if you could do anything?  (know your life purpose)

3* When you know what you want your week to look, feel, smell like ask yourself what would I have to do to achieve this life that I desire?